PU0078 - oil pump FORD, FIAT, Citroen 2,2HDI, 2006+


Popular oil pump that fits many different application of Ford, Peugeot, Fiat, Iveco, Citroen. Covers 2,2HDi and 2,2TDCi engines from production year 2000+ but also the new engines produced from 2006 on. Be careful with identification - it fits only vehicles listed in the detail. There are other pumps for different 2,2 litre engines.

PU0078 Oil Pump ET Engineteam
PU0078, Oil Pump, Oil pump, ET Engineteam, Citroen Fiat Ford Peugeot 2,2D/Hdi/TDCi 4HU/4HV 2000+, YC1Q6600CB, YC1Q-6600-CB, YC1Q6600CD, YC1Q-6600-CD, 1C1Q6600CC, 1C1Q-6600-CC, 1C1Q6600CD, 1C1Q-6600-CD, 1C1Q6600CE, 1C1Q-6600-CE, 1C1Q6600CF, 1C1Q-6600-CF, 1C1Q6600CG, 1C1Q-6600-CG, 1001E9, 1001.E9, 1096255, 1112956, 1117948, 1134856, 1146956, 1355193, 1456884, 9660667080, 140310MEC PU0078 - Oil Pump ET Engineteam, Citroen Fiat Ford Peugeot 2,2D/Hdi/TDCi 4HU/4HV 2000+
  • Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info:  without gaskets/seals
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