KS Motor was founded as a subsidiary of Kolbenschmidt - Pierburg group. The original focus of our business was the assembly and trade with parts for Czech vehicles such as LIAZ, AVIA, SKODA, ZETOR and TATRA.


Our portfolio was extended by ELRING products. The era of continuous enlargement of our product range and business activities started.


In December 2004, we got our ISO 9001 certification which many of our partners require and which guarantees that all processes within our company are identified and managed with the goal of providing perfect services that are continually improved.


First version of our e-shop was launched. Its functionality was limited but it was accepted well and roused immense interest of our clients. This helped us verify that engine parts are an interesting commodity for on-line trading. At the same time, the TecDoc catalogue started gaining popularity and many manufacturers started gradually categorising their parts according to this tool. This was the time when our intensive works on creating a TecDoc based e-shop commenced.


Throughout the years we worked on extending the portfolio of brands and product ranges so that we could offer a comprehensive portfolio of engine parts for passenger and utility vehicles as well as trucks. We also offer parts for tractors, construction machines and special types of machines.


Thirteen years upon its establishment, the company is in completely new position than at the beginning. The original focus of our business activities - i.e. assembly and trade with parts for Czech vehicles - represents only a marginal portion of our turnover these days. Our attention is now focused on careful selection of products, brands and suppliers in order to ensure fluent deliveries of engine components to a large range of customers not only in the Czech Republic but also all over Europe. Our aim is to provide engine parts for a modern car fleet - i.e. most European and Asian vehicles of all brands and categories.


KS Motor became an important supplier and a sought-after engine parts specialist on the Czech and Slovak markets. The distribution and promotion of the KOLBENSCHMIDT and PIERBURG brands remain to be one of our main business activities. The range of our replacement parts is continuously extended. We offer professional services and spare parts in the highest quality.


We continue extending our product ranges and making our logistic processes more effective. We are successful in extending our customer base not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia but also in the entire EU and globally. We are starting a new, user-friendlier e-shop which will further improve the communication with you - our customers.