Suction pipe module Audi S6 / S8 5,2FSi by Pierburg


After a long time, we just received stock of Suction pipe modules from Pierburg for Audi S6 a S8, for engines 5,2FSi. They were installed into engines BXA and BSM from 2006 until 2011. These are not the best ones on the market, they are huge and cost a fortune, and to be honest engine 5,2F is not that common. Surprisingly sometimes one or two modules are sold. It is mostly because all models for OE and aftermarket are manufactured by Pierburg. 

Pierburg number: 7.01116.08.0
OE numbers AUDI: 07L133185C / 07L133185M

7.01116.08.0 Intake Manifold Module PIERBURG
7.01116.08.0, Intake Manifold Module, Intake manifold, PIERBURG, 07L133185C, 07L133185M 7.01116.08.0 - Intake Manifold Module PIERBURG
  • Operating Mode:  Electric
  • Voltage [V]:  12 V
$2,925.00/pcs incl. VAT ($2,925.00/pcs excl. VAT)
$1,901.25/pcs incl. VAT ($1,901.25/pcs excl. VAT)
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