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Code: 50004904
Name: Valve seat insert


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Valve seat insert Kolbenschmidt - steel High Temperature type (HT). Material with good heat resistance. Height of the seat: 8 mm, inner diameter: 30 mm, outer diameter: 37 mm.

TIP: Do you need help installing or are you looking for another type? Check out our summary article of all seat inserts, including size, material and installation table. There is everything you need to know before your purchase.

Kolbenschmidt company makes original parts for OE and also same quality parts for aftermarket of more than 130 countries in the world. Leading company on the European market, and they are amongst 100 most significant suppliers in automotive industry worldwide. Company employs over 11 000 people on three different continents.


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50004745 Valve seat insert KOLBENSCHMIDT
50004745, Valve seat insert, KOLBENSCHMIDT 50004745 - Valve seat insert KOLBENSCHMIDT
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